Jan. 18, 2022


Dear Augusto, Simplesite.com
I appreciate your helpful email and I have gotten started to try to recreate my site somewhere else but I have to tell you I think this is a mistake and I am requesting that you expedite my complaint or concern to a higher person in your management chain and I will tell you some of the reasons why: 
1.  Considering that I haven't told anyone new my website address for years at this point and the site is still getting a hundred or more new hits a day you are blocking yourself from a potential of continued free advertising.
2.  My website is not for financial gain it is not something that I am able to support financially this is a public service to which I have already paid a heavy price. I would like someone making these decisions to actually read my site. My children were stolen from me when they were born in the United States of America, the supposedly freest country in the world, which is and has always been a lie. This is a public service announcement that people may benefit to hear and I have found when I met such people it has served to be true. You should not take down my site or charge me money but be proud that you are one place where my story is available to be told and it should be told there forever for it is one of the few places in the world where I can speak from my own experience and not be judged or categorized or put down or ridiculed by the world for being open about my experiences in life and my children need to see it and know that it is there as well.  This is not some trashy thing that you should be collecting money from me for this has cost me everything and it should be free forever for the reasons I describe.
3.  Someone from Europe who actually learned my story and cared about me who I've never even met was the one who built it (when it dropped from another site and I had no knowledge of how to fix it). While I am currently trying to recreate it somewhere else I am realizing it is not perfect and there were and are a lot of errors and so on and I am willing to clean it up and make it look better and read better and be more powerful and start to share it again perhaps with an active blog or leave it as it is and even simplify it more to keep it simple so that you do not have to host me at an unacceptable expense.  I can easily reduce the pages to two or three if you can permit this of me, or develop it further, as you wish or will permit.
4.  I think that my situation and my request of you should cause you to consider offering free sites at least on a small scale with qualifying content and I would like to discuss with you my request and my specific experience and have a different outcome than my post, which has been there for years now, to suddenly disappear off the internet when it is still counting visitors and it serves a purpose and it means something to me of value, but it is not something that I can support personally because my circumstances, due to these experiences I am expressing, is still bad and I need support. 
I am not able to host this site with you for a fee unless you could agree to something like the cost of my domain itself which is only about $5 a year.  I will gladly pay this sum to you on my credit card if you can agree to allow my website to remain. As I said this is a website for the public good. People who experience what I experienced like me do not know that other innocent people are being put through the same pain and suffering which no one deserves.  Our governments have run awry and we need to be able to speak up about it somewhere and it shouldn't cost the victims money to do so.  This is something that requires the conscience and goodness of the internet companies like yourself who serve us and I will ask you to read my site and get back to me personally so that we could form a partnership because as you know your site can receive business through the ongoing existence of mine.
Thank you for hearing me out and I hope you will have a higher manager or yourself take seriously my concerns and requests and let's resolve this before the end of the month or extend the timeline so that we will have time to do so.  
Thank you for hosting my experiences for years.  I would like our relationship to have a non-commercial pathway to continue, as is just and right considering the reasons why I am here.
Thank you for your kindest consideration.
Sincerely yours,
Renee LaPlume
978 233 1335