Jan. 1, 2009

Wide awake and totally alive

I am wide awake and totally alive, I am getting older but still so much a kid at heart, living with a lot of hurts but determined to do the best I can with everything that comes my way, determined to make a difference in this life…

This is my story. I am legit. What I am writing is accurate and for real. The situation out there is simply not a pretty one. Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you!

This glorious photograph is of my family and I, summer of 2004, one of the rare times we had to be together, my first born, and my twins safely packed inside… :-) !!!

Photo taken by their father. We were surrounded by so many who had not so much of an inkling of the one true Christ. My children were all stolen from me by the Government of Massachusetts, and closed “Juvenile” courtrooms with the cooperation of the state social service agency for no reason but the stigma held against me at the time of their births (and for years prior in my life), and this is being attempted to be swept under the rug and maintained still now.

I don’t intend to let that be possible!

Please read about my experience and struggle in my blog and also Spread the Word!!! You can also read my story by clicking on "My Story' at the top of this page.